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Established in 1985, Shanghai Kuihong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a
professional Bakery Oven Suppliers, specializing in wholesale Bakery Oven, and
has many years of production and sales experience. The Bakery Oven and other
fully automatic complete sets of equipment produced by our company are the ideal
choice with advanced technology, high quality, centralized functions and simple
operation. As a Bakery Oven Company, we will always pay attention to the needs of
customers to ensure that our equipment is safe, Hygiene and energy saving, our
products have passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. After
years of unremitting efforts, Shanghai KuihongĀ  rotary oven Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
has become a well-known equipment manufacturer in China's food industry. We
sincerely hope that Kuihong's equipment can help you produce delicious food and
bring considerable benefits to your business.

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