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Located at the forward position for China's economic development- Shanghai
Chemical Industrial Zone, Shanghai Kuihong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a
comprehensive enterprise that specializes in research development and production
of food machinery, integrating technology, industry, and trade. Featured by
advanced technology, high quality, centralized functions, and simple operation,
the automatic whole-set equipment for chocolate candy, biscuit, cake, Swiss roll,
cookie, bread, flaky pastry moon cake, etc. produced by our factory is the ideal
new type of food machinery chosen by users. The products are sold well throughout
China and exported all over the world.

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Product quality is the life of our enterprise. Over the years, by adhering to the
business philosophy of"quality-based focusing on technological research and
development, bearing the responsibility planetary mixer of surviving by reputation", the
enterprise principle of faith-oriented, honesty based, winning by excellence, and
the enterprise spirit of " seeking technological progress, complying with market
demands, relying on scientific management and striving to build the international
brand, our factory is always paying attention to the development trend of
international food processing technology. Through many years of endless efforts,
Shanghai Kuihong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd has become a famous equipment
manufacturer for China's food industry.



Planetary mixer with compact structure, KUIHONG serious Aerated Mixer  multi-functional mixer has the functions of beating eggs, mixing stuffing and kneading dough, etc. With three speeds of high, medium and low and equipped with egg beater, bat mixer and spiral dough maker, it is widely used for mixing egg, cream and stuffing and kneading dough. The user can choose the suitable speed to achieve the best effect. The spare parts touching with the material are all made of stainless steel or electroplated on its surface which is in conformity with national sanitary standards

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