How to use the website

When you log on go to:

After you log on you can click the edit button (pencil/eraser button) or add a new page (each page will show up as a link on your main page).

Once you have entered into a page, it works just like a Microsoft Word Document.  The tool bar at the top is almost identical to the one you will find on word. 

Note:  It will be easier to create each page on a Microsoft Word Document first, save it, then copy and paste it onto your website.

Adding Pictures: Highlight the picture you want, select edit and copy.  Then click on the page where you want to put it and click edit then paste.

Adding Links:  On the toolbar there will be a picture of an Earth with a chain on it.  Click on it, then copy the web address of the site you want and paste it into the box that appears.  Click OK.