example- war

In the December of 1944 the German and American forces would meet in the final major engagement of World War II.  The Germans entered the Ardennes forest in Belgium in a last ditch offensive to win the war.  They were met by the American forces, led by the 101st Airborne.  Unfortunately for the 101st, they had to move into the forest without the proper supplies for a winter engagment.  They were quickly surrounded by the Germans and cut off from reinforcements and supplies.  Due to the harshness of the winter, many Americans lost feet and hands due to massive frostbite.  Despite all of the problems they faced, they were able to hold out until the American armored tank division led by General Patton were able to break through the German lines.  On January 25, 1945 the Americans were finally able to drive back the Germans and win the battle.  During the battle over 19,000 Americans were killed and over 47,000 were injured.