On going assignments

 7th and 8th:

TeenBiz3000- 3 articles per week with an activity score over 75%.   Worth 20% of each quarters grade.


Final Project: Each student will complete a 3-5 page research paper.  Along with the research paper, the student will create a visual display that will be used as part of a 7-10 minute presentation of their topic.

Written guidelines:  The paper will be typed (font-times new roman, size 12, double spaced).  Any deviations from the letter fonts and sizes will cause a deduction in points.

Visual guidelines:  The students can create a Powerpoint, Website, Charts, or be creative and create their own type of visual aid.  If the student chooses to do their own they must see me to discuss what they have chosen to do.  

September 20, 2011- The students must hand in the topic of their choice and ten questions they have about their topic.

November 15, 2011-   The students will hand in (on index cards) the answers to their questions.  They should have  3-5 index cards for each question. 

December 20, 2011-  The students will use their notes (answers) to write a paragraph that answers each of their questions.

March 15, 2011-  1st draft

April 28, 2011- 2nd draft-