TAKS Testing Dates

Math TAKS: Tuesday April 7th

Science TAKS: Thursday April 30th

Social Studies TAKS: Friday May 1st


* You should not have any homework the night before TAKS tests. If a teacher gives you any, you do not have to do it!

*All after school activities are cancelled these days, the day before a TAKS test, so please go straight home and begin your relaxing and resting.

*Go to bed early and get plenty of sleep, at least 8 hours. Try to go to bed by 10pm, that is easy to do!

*Eat a good breakfast, something to keep you full-toast, cereal, granola bar, oatmeal, eggs, etc. We only give you one little bag of goldfish and a bottle water, so eat good. And lunch is not until 11:30 these days.

*dress in layers in case your testing room gets too warm or too cold. Wear a tshirt and a jacket of some sort so you can keep yourself comfortable. Dress comfortably since you will be sitting most of the day.

*Do not study the night before a TAKS test. You either know it or you don't, you cant cram this much information in one night. Just let your brain rest and be ready and focused the next moring by doing all of these things I have just listed.