If you or your parents would like to know your current average they may look online in infinite campus. They can view your grades, things you have turned in, things that you are missing, test grades, etc.

Here is the link to infinite campus for parents:

If you have never done this before, please email at KMS to get a user name and password

Grades so Far for 5th 6 weeks:

Geography Booklets (100 pts.)

6 weeks test-4th (100 pts.) 

Force and Motion Lab (100 pts.)

Force and Motion booklet (100 pts.)

Force and Motion test (100 pts.)

Wave Booklet (100 pts.)

6 weeks test-5th (100 pts.)

Make sure you have turned all of this in by the end of the 6 weeks which is Friday April 17th. Do not wait until the last minute to come to tutoring. The last time you can come to tutoring is Wednesday, April 15th. If you do not make it up by then, you will receive a zero.

 Late work-30 points off if you do not turn it in the day it is due.