Inside my Classroom

Inside the Classroom


What will you see?
A positive and welcoming environment for all students, parents and fellow teachers.
Technology and Standards based lessons.
Students actively engaged and learning through discovery!



Parent Involvement:
Parental involvement is an important key to a child's success in the classroom!  

How will it be achieved?
Parents will be invited to read stories and assist during various lessons and activities in the classroom.
Parent Volunteers will always be welcomed and encouraged.
A weekly newsletter will be emailed and sent home informing the parents of what is happening in the classroom and tips for helping their child to succeed. 

Classroom Management Plan:
(Plan will be adapted to the students and certain grade taught)
Compliment Stone system in which the students are rewarded for positive behavior. 
A class Compliment wall in which the class will be rewarded for positive behavior as a whole.


(Rewards will be determined at the start of the school year with the class)

Lunch Bunch in the classroom

Teacher’s Helper for the day

Treasure Box

1. Warning
2. 10 minute removal from situation

3. Loss of classroom job for the day
4. Phone call to parent, email home or student writes a letter home to parent
5. Principal’s office





At the very least I hope to provide each child that enters my door
 a safe environment that is student centered for them to explore all that I have to teach.