Education Philosophy

Education Philosophy:

I believe...

That the purpose of an educator is to creatively empower future generations with knowledge that will challenge them to new learning potentials and help inspire them to explore the world around them. Every student has the ability to learn and I have high expectations for each student. 

Student learning should be facilitated by: 
* Appealing to the students' varied interest while meeting their challenges and helping them learn
      * Encouraging every student to explore learning with engaging hands on and creative activities

      * Cooperative learning through group discussions, partner talk and center groups

Parents should be involved in the classroom and their child’s education.  Encouraging and helping the future generations to explore their world and expand their minds through educational guidance can effectively happen when their parents are involved.  Parental involvement is not required but encouraged. 

A behavior management system is essential and should be used and consistently enforced in the classroom.    

There is a book for everything!  

Preparation and organization is a must in the classroom for students to become more efficient. 

Technology is not just for teachers but for students also.   

Character education is essential, especially confidence.   

Why I want to be an educator...
I want to reveal the passion I have for each student by showing them that their learning is important to me and that I care that they are in my classroom. I enjoy hard work and helping others find success and I want my students to experience meaningful, interesting learning that applies to their everyday lives which will help them become life long learners and successful individuals.

How will this be achieved? 
Through a student centered integrated academic classroom that encourages parental involvement and teaching character education.