Character Education

Fill your buckets!

I want to encourage students to be "bucket fillers" not "bucket dippers."

"Bucket fillers" are those who help without being asked, give hugs and compliments, and generally spread their love and good feelings to others.

Compliments and Problems Time

What happens during this time?

  • Students are gathered in a circle and take turns giving compliments to students that have helped them or done something good that day during class.

  • This is also a time where students are encouraged to discuss a problem they might have had with another student during the day.  The students are not allowed to blame students during this time but they discuss the situation using "I" statements.  (Joe, when you tap your desk during silent reading time I have a hard time concentrating on what I am reading.)

Why have a time for Compliments and Problems?

  • Everybody likes to hear when they have done a good job, especially when it comes from their peers.   
  • It helps the students learn to talk out their problems and saves from telling on each other during the day.
  • Having Compliments and Problems time strengthens character education.