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I grew up in a Spanish speaking household and love the language. In high school, I spent a semester teaching in a second grade classroom and instantly knew I wanted to teach. I graduated from Chaparral High School then attended the University of Northern Colorado. I then transferred to the University of Colorado at Denver where I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Spanish and another in Secondary Education. I am currently completing my Masters Program and will graduate this upcoming summer.


This year I will be teaching Spanish 1, 2 and 3. In my free time I like to travel and spend time with family.


Interested in traveling to Spain during Spring Break 2019?

Click here for information or email me!




Class Policies

Please print out the classroom policy on my website, read carefully, put the first two pages of the policy in your notebook. Have you and your parent/guardian sign the last page and return the signature page for a homework grade.




Mrs. Taylor Iglesias Email: tiglesias@dcsdk12.org

Website: http://tiglesias.educatorpages.com/

Room: 110


Welcome! I am looking forward to a fun and challenging year in Spanish. These are the guidelines and expectations that should be kept as the first pages in your Spanish binder. The last pages of this outline need to be completed and signed by you and your parent/guardian. This will count as your first homework assignment.


Teacher Goals

My goal, is to provide numerous opportunities for you to communicate by means of speaking and writing in Spanish. I also want you to understand what you read and hear. We will achieve these goals as a class by speaking in Spanish during class time, participating in daily class discussions, reading, and listening to authentic sources and introducing a variety of vocabulary and grammar. You will learn to appreciate (hopefully) Spanish-speaking cultures through exposure to music, art and history.


Student Goals

Dedication is an important part in learning a foreign language. You will be expected to participate during class and to demonstrate your understanding and abilities in 3 modes: Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational as defined by District, State, and National Standards. Each unit will have an interpersonal speaking assessment.


Interpretive- The ability to listen to or read a text and interpret the meaning

Interpersonal- Active oral or written communication in which the participants negotiate meaning to make sure their message is understood (not prepared ahead of time)

Presentational- Written or oral communication in which the presenter must take into account the impact on the audience since this is a one-way communication with limited opportunity for feedback


Teacher Availability

Parents - It is easiest to reach me by email (listed above). I will respond with 24 hours.

Students - I am available before school, during resources time, or after school by appointment. You may also contact me by email if you have questions or concerns. The Remind App will have the quickest response. I am here to help you, don’t be afraid to ask!




  • 3 ring binder or a 2 pocket folder

  • Notebook or loose leaf paper

  • 2 Realidades workbooks (you may already have these, if not there will be a fee to pay)

  • Novels - a materials fee was paid at registration

    • Spanish 1 - 1 for 2nd semester

    • Spanish 2 - 1 for each semester

    • Spanish 3 - 1 for each semester


  • Flash drive for projects


  • Kleenex

  • Markers


Grades are calculated on a point basis throughout the semester and are based upon the new State and National World Language Standards found at www.actfl.org


Homework (10%) - Homework completion, computer assignments (conjuguemos)

Participation (10%) - Classroom participation, partner/group activities

Quizzes (30%) - Vocabulary, grammar and homework quizzes

Assessments (50%) - Interpretive (listening and reading), Interpersonal (interaction between speaking and writing), Presentational (speaking and writing presentations)


Points are earned for daily speaking participation, classroom participation, partner activities, online homework, and assessments. Participation points may be deducted for failure to bring materials and/or lack of participation. The following grading scale will be used:

A - 100%-90% B - 89%-80% C - 79%-70% D 69%-60% F - 59%<


Your grade will be updated at least every two (2) weeks online. You and your parents/guardian can check your progress grade on Infinite Campus. If you were absent for an assignment, your grade will be a zero (0) until you have it made up. You will have one (1) week to make up tests and quiz from the day you return to my class. You may only make up work for excused absences, unexcused absences will remain a zero (0).



You will have many online homework assignments using your personal account on Conjuguemos website (we will set this account up at the beginning of the semester) and you will have access to a computer and the internet. If access is not available at home, you will need to complete these assignments using the school computer labs or library during resource or before/after school. You will have about two (2) weeks to complete online assignments by the specific date and time. I will have assignments posted on the assignment board and online so you know what is due and when it is due. Online homework will not be accepted late as you will have an extended length of time to complete it.


In addition to online homework, each student will have a workbook that may include activities to practice grammar, vocabulary or assessment projects. Workbook homework is due the following class period that it is assigned. Assignments are due at the beginning of class and will be counted for half credit if turned in late. Homework will be kept track of on your own homework stamp sheet. If you lose this sheet, all homework will be counted as a 0. If, all homework is turned in on time, you will have the option to do test corrections.



Please see last page.



Your behavior in the classroom should reflect respect for one another and the teacher as well as the learning process. All school rules concerning safety, behavior, and the dress code policy will be enforced. Remember:

  • No food or drink (water only)

  • NO CELL PHONES/DEVICES - I reserve the right to take and keep your cell phone/device until the end of the class period if it is a distraction to you, me or other students.


Cell Phone Policy

Each student will be assigned a number in a cell phone pocket chart holder in alphabetical order. There will be times where your phone will be allowed in class for educational purposes, if I did not inform the class that cell phones can be out I have the right to take your cell phone if it is a distraction to myself, you or other students. The following consequences will be followed if you are caught using electronics at an inappropriate timeI have the right to take your cell phone if it is a distraction to myself, you, or other students. The following consequences will be followed:

  • 1st time - Phone will be taken until the end of class

  • 2nd time - Phone will be turned in at the beginning of each class for a school week (5 days)

  • 3rd time - Phone will be turned in at the beginning of each class for the rest of the semester


Don’t be afraid to take risks or to make mistakes! As long as you’re trying, I’m happy! Let’s work hard, have fun and have a great year!