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Welcome to our class website! Here you can find additional information and links. I am hoping this will be an easier way to organize our information to make it easily accessible to you. :) 

Contacting Me

First of all, THANK YOU so much for being patient as we worked through all the "kinks" with the technology this week. Now that we have that down, and everything will stay the same as far as technology and the routines, I will be in zoom meetings with kids more of the day and less on troubleshooting calls. So what that means is, I will NOT be answering my cell phone during the school day. I will not have the ringer on, so I will not hear it when it rings. The time I have at school with your children is so important, so I need that time uninterrupted. IF you need me, please email, call the school, or message through class dojo. Thank you for your understanding! :)  (See contact page for contact information)


  • Stay in your seat the whole time we are zooming unless we are doing a movement activity. 
  • Watch the recorded lessons before we have our zoom meetings. This is your lesson time. The zoom time is our debriefing time. 
  • Be prepared with all of your materials. 
  • Listen and follow directions. 
  • Participate when it is time. This means raising your hand to unmute and listening while classmates share out.
  • Go to the bathroom before zoom meetings. 
  • Eat before zoom meetings, not during. 
  • Have an adult or sibling help you to stay on schedule. 

2ND Grade HFW

We will test on these each Friday. 

Week 1 and 2: live, walk, two, new, ready

Week 3: our, down, been, before

Week 4: boy, only, open, once, tree

Week 5: school, sure, none, friends

Week 6: yellow, orange, great, colors, turns, sing, that, start

Week 7: their, people, doesn't, don't, won't, can't, isn't

Week 8; together, whole, hello, weird, where's, there's, it's, she's, he's

Week 9: even, finally, wrong, won 



ABC Mouse   Password: 2ndgrade ----- Click on student login. No other passwords are needed. 

Bitmoji Classroom- (This is where you will find small group resources and related arts links)




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