Unit 5 part 1 Review Guide

Unit 5 Part 1 -- Nervous System Review 

1.        What two organs make up the CNS?

2.        What 2 major divisions is the PNS divided into?

a.       What is the difference between these two divisions?

3.        What is neuroglia?

4.        Using Worksheet one as a guide, be able to label a picture of a neuron and know the following functions of the different parts of a neuron:

a.       Dendrites

b.      Axons

c.       Cell Body (soma)

d.      Nodes of Ranvier

e.      Schwann Cells

f.        Myelin Sheath

g.      Axon Terminals

5.        What are the three different types of neurons?  How do each differ?

6.        What is the difference between gray and white matter?

7.        Why are sodium ions so important to the nervous system?

8.        Be able to label the following terms on a diagram of a Motor Unit Synapse and know the function of each (see worksheet 2)

a.       Synaptic Knob

b.      Synaptic Cleft

c.       Neurotransmitters (Vesicles)

d.      Mitochondria

e.      Motor End Plate

f.        Skeletal Muscle Fiber

g.      Axon

9.        Know the functions of the 6 neurotransmitters we talked about in class.

10.    What are the 5 parts to a reflex arc in correct order from stimulus to reaction?