Unit 1 -- Lab Safety Notes

I.                  Lab Safety Rules 

         1.  Follow all instructions carefully

         2.  Know what safety equipment is in the room and where it is located.

         3.  Never eat, chew gum, or have drinks in the lab.

         4.  No Horseplay in the lab.

         5.  Report all accidents, spills and cuts to the teacher immediately.

         6.  Use equipment only as directed.  Do not perform your own experiments.

         7.  Return equipment where it should go and clean it if instructed.

         8.  Keep work area clean and uncluttered.

         9.  Dress properly for the lab.        

A.  No loose clothing       

B.  No open toed shoes (sandals)        

C.  Wear safety goggles over eyes.        

D.  Wear lab apron when using chemicals and hot liquids.

         10.  Be careful when using heat or fire.       

A.  Never leave a hot plate, bunsen burner or open flame unattended        

B.  Never reach over open flame.       

C.  Use tongs or pot holders to handle hot objects.      

D.  Use only pyrex glass in labs.         

E.  Never point the mouth of a test tube or beaker at anyone while heating it.         

F.  Never set hot plates to their maximum setting.

         11.  Use care working with chemicals.     

A.  Never taste, touch or smell chemicals (directly) without consent from teacher.      

B.  Wash hands after the laboratory is done and cleaned up.      

C.  Notify teacher of all spills.

         12.  Use care when using lab equipment     

A.  Do not use chipped or broken glassware     

B.  Do not look directly at the sun!!!  J      

C.  Never take equipment apart.      

D.  Never touch electrical equipment with wet hands.       

E.  Never insert metal objects into an outlet.       

F.  Never pick up broken glass with your bare hands.       

G.  Use care in handling sharp objects ….. Do not pick your nose, stick in ear J 

II.              Lab Safety Equipment 

         Know where the following equipment is located in the room: 

1.  Fire Blanket

2.  Fire Extinguishers

3.  Eyewash      

4.  Gas Shutoff   

5.  First-Aid Kit         

6.  Room exits 


III.          Lab Safety Symbols

 safety symbols 1
           safety symbols 2