Ms. Martin's Classroom Rules and Grades

Classroom Meows

                                                                                                                Teacher Name- Tina L. Martin


I would like to Thank my students for having a successful first week of class.  As a class we developed classroom rules.  Below are the rules that we established to keep the classroom a safe and respectful environment.



Kind Kitty Rules





  •   Keep a good listening ear
  •   Keep quiet while working
  •   Keep hands to yourself
  •   Keep respect for friends


Grading Policy



Grades are determined by an E, S, N, or U. Progress reports and report cards indicate a student’s academic performance and a separate conduct grade. Class participation, project effort, and conduct are noted in the grade book each week.


E: “Exemplary” Student is prepared for class with desk cleared. Student is attentive and thoughtful, participating in an exemplary manner. Projects are completed and have a full understanding of what is being taught.

S: “Satisfactory” Student is prepared for class with desk cleared. Student participates in a satisfactory manner and completes projects and understands what is being taught.

N: “Needs Improvement” Student is often unprepared for class. Student shows very little interest and participates only occasionally. Student has a hard time grasping material being taught.

U:  “Unsatisfactory” Student often shows that he or she is not prepared for class.  Student shows very little interest and does not participate in class.  Student is not on task and disrupts the class.  Student shows lack of understanding of material being taught; needs more one-on-one attention.


The above letter grades will be translated into Letter grades.


Excellent                                           A

Satisfactory                                       B

Needs Improvement                        C

Unsatisfactory                                  D


Anything below Unsatisfactory

(misses too many classes)            F