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         Teaching Social Skills - Tips for Parents

  • Promote self-esteem and confidence every chance you can. Catch your child doing something great and praise him/her.
  • Build self-esteem by having your child make 3 positive statements about themselves or their school day each afternoon.
  • Use time in the car commuting to talk about social skills.
  • Teach children to smile and greet others in the community.
  • Encourage children to place their own orders when you go out to eat.
  • Use dinnertime to hold family conversations. This promotes good communication skills and is also a way to keep up to date on what is happening in your child’s life.
  • Extracurricular activities are a great way to build social skills. Contact local community resources such as the public library, church youth groups, 4-H, scouting clubs, and community parks and recreation.
  • Family game night- board games are an excellent by to teach skills such as “waiting your turn” and “being a good sport”. Game night is also a great way to start conversations with your child about there school day.
  • Always be objective and understanding when talking with your child - do not lose your patience even though you are tempted to.
  • Encourage your children to monitor their own behavior. For example: When your child is doing something right ask- "What is terrific about what you're doing right now?"
  • With older children it is a good idea to set rules and consequences together. When a child is apart of the rule setting process, it helps them understand the rules and your expectations better.
  • Try to find at least 3 opportunities every day to praise your child! The more praise, the better!

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