8th Grade Physical Science
Course Syllabus
First Nine Weeks
August 9, 2010 – October11, 2010
McDougal Littel
Physical Science
This course is designed to enhance the students’ knowledge in the area of Physical Science. It places emphasis on the nature of science, physical properties and inquiry through a hands-on, laboratory-oriented approach.  Students will observe, analyze, and classify data from their lab experiments.  They will then infer, predict and make conclusions based on their findings.
Proposed Units of Study: During the first nine-week period the following topics will be covered: Scientific Inquiry as a process, Metric System of Measurement in context, Properties of Matter, and Energy. We will also begin research for the Science Fair Project.
Resources: Textbook, Student Laboratory Notebook, teacher-made presentations, diagrams, models, demonstrations and related websites.
Evaluation: Students will be evaluated based on their completed assignments, tests, labs, and projects.
A = 100-90    B = 89-80    C = 79-70   D = 69-60  F =  59 and below
Homework Scale - Homework will be graded for completion as it will be review in class on the day it is due. Each completed assignment will recieve a stamp of approval. 
 5 stamps = 100
4 stamps = 80
3 stamps = 60
2 stamps = 40
1 stamp = 20