7th Grade: Literature

READ, READ, and READ some more!!! I love Literature, so it makes sense for me to teach it!! We will be doing lots of stories second semester including The Sleeping Beauty, The Wolf and the Seven Kids, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Jacob Have I Loved,  and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We will also be reading poems, some by Edgar Allen Poe, and many others!! In this class, we will be using Slide Down the Sky by Open Court Reading and using worksheets from that book as well. Ocassionally I will be making some worksheets for the kids. I will type and print off the poems by Edgar Allen Poe for the kids to use along with worksheets because we do not have those poems in the books. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO A GREAT SECOND SEMESTER!! :)

Date Assigned                                                    Assignment                                                               Date Due

                                      1/15/12                     Read Part 1 & Identify nouns and pronouns  in the first paragraph.(For a quiz grade)                                              1/16/12