Rules and Expectations

In computer class, we develop skills that enable us to be responsible, safe and confident digital leaders.

Students are expected to:

  • Listen and follow directions
  • Be respectful of everyone
  • Take care of the equipment
  • Work quietly
  • Be at your own seat.
  • Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself

Behavior Chart

  • Quiet yourselves and listen to directions with your eyes and ears.
  • Work time should be quiet.  Focus on your work without disrupting others.
  • When class is finished, exit out of programs quickly and line up quietly.

Classes can earn up to 4 points per class period.  When your class has earned 25 points, you will be rewarded.

Computer Rules

  • Students are not allowed to type web addresses or conduct online searches unless Miss Lewis has directed them to do so.
  • Headphones are for programs and websites that include sound.
  • No part of the computer, headphones, microphone, or mouse should be in your mouth.
  • Only use links from your grade level page.
  • Do not place papers or other objects on the monitor (screen).
  • Do not share usernames or passwords.
  • Do not give out personal information or create web accounts.
  • Let Miss Lewis know if something pops up on your screen.  Don't just click the X.

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