Senora Linares's clases de Español

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español! I am very excited to have you in my Spanish class here at Oak Creek High School! I am going to provide many positive experiences to stimulate your interest in a second language. Periodically I will be sending home progress reports for you to share with your Parents / Guardians. I will also be in contact with your parents in cases of urgency.

I will lead a respectful and disciplined classroom. To achieve this I have established a few simple prcedures and policies for my classroom. As a student, it is your responsibility to comply with these procedures and policies. If you decide not to comply, there will be logical consequences. By enforcing these policies, I promise to you fairness and order in our classroom.

  Señora Linares’s Class Procedures

Note from instructorAs an instructor, it is very important to have an efficient and smooth running classroom. To achieve this I have established a few simple procedures. As a student, it is your responsibility to learn and perform these procedures. Through these procedures, I promise you a more organized and effective learning experience.  

Most Common Procedures

Entering the Classroom
You are to enter the classroom without screaming or running. Students who do not do this will be asked to leave the room and reenter as expected. It is expected that as soon as you enter you first go to the front table and pickup any handouts or hand in homework in the appropriate tray. You should then get anything you need around the room (pencil sharpening, tissue, etc.). Once seated, check the front screen for the day's bell work, “
Primer Cosa del Día.” You should also check the white board for the day's assignment (write it down so you don't forget).

Bellwork/ Primer Cosa del Dia
Everyday will begin with some type of bell work. It will be called “Primer Cosa del Dia.” You will always find the PCDD on the overhead projector. It should be started before the bell rings. Most PCDD will involve specific instructions for reviewing a grammar topic or working with vocabulary. However, some days I will give more fun topics like trivia, puzzles and brain teasers. The Primer Cosa del Dia is required and it will be turned in every two weeks for a grade of completion.  

Picking up Materials for Day
Any handouts that you will need on a given day will be found in the tray, on the front table marked "Please Take One". If the tray or sign isn't there, you don't need to pick up anything, just begin the day's PCDD. If you arrive late and picking up the handouts will cause a distraction, sign-in, go to your seat, and raise your hand when it is appropriate to do so.

Handing In Homework
If there is an assignment that you need to hand in, place it in the tray, on the front table, marked "Pon la tarea aqui” at the beginning of the hour. If you arrive late and handing in the homework will cause a distraction, sign-in, go to your seat, and raise your hand when it is appropriate to do so.

Coming to Attention
When I need to quiet the class, I will raise my hand. When you see this you are expected to stop your conversation, look at me, and raise your hand. This is only complete when all hands are up and the class is quiet.

Arriving Late
When you enter the room late (with or without a pass) you need not disturb the class. Simply sign your name and the appropriate information in the tardy binder by the door. Print clearly and sign only your name. Signing a name other that your own will result in immediate referral to the office. If you have a pass, put it on my cart. If you must speak with me, sign-in, go to your seat, and raise your hand when it is appropriate to do so.

Leaving the Classroom
The bell does not dismiss the class, I do. Do not pack up until I dismiss the class. Do not leave your seats until I dismiss the class. "People who pack fast shall leave last."

On the day you return from an absence you should arrive early to class. The first thing to do is to check to see if your amigo/amiga filled out the “While you were Out” sheet. I will keep those sheets on my cart in one of the drawers. This sheet will likely answer any questions regarding "what we did" when you were gone. If there are any questions beyond the log, speak with me after class or during my prep period(s).

Amigo System
It can be very stressful trying to figure out what you missed in each class from just one day of absence. So I have adopted an amigo system, where someone in class is in charge of sharing with you what you missed. This stops dependence on the instructor, helps students become responsible and also helps build confidence and trust among your peers. Please be the best amigo/amiga you can be. As they say, “Do onto others as you would want done to you.”
Duties/Expectations of an amigo/amiga…- pick up a “While you were out” sheet as soon as you see that your amigo/a is absent and fill in the missing information throughout the class period.-collects handouts from when amigo/a is absent and attach to “While you were out” sheet.-collect any tests or quizzes that were returned and attach to “While you were out” sheet.- when class is over put sheet in the drawer on my cart-when amigo/amiga returns, let them copy any notes that were taken.

Extra Handouts
If you need a handout, because you were absent or just lost your first one, go to the appropriate "extras box" on the front table. Do not ask me for handouts, go straight to the box.

Make-Up Tests
If you are absent for a test day (not the day before a test) you will have to arrange for a make-up test. Make-up tests are done on Fridays in the morning or afternoon. You will sign-up for the test which you should then write down the date. I will not be reminding you of your appointment. Make these appointments before school or during my prep period.

As indicated in the Class Policies, you will receive one warning if you choose to behave inappropriately. You will know the rules so I should not have to discuss your behavior again. However, if you continue to misbehave inappropriately again, you will get a hole punch in your card and I will remind you to see me right after class. After the third incident, which there should not be, I will send you in the hall for disrupting class instruction. There will be no conversation or debate regarding this. You have disrupted the learning of your fellow classmates and it will not be tolerated. I will come talk with you when I have a free moment.  

Using the Bathroom/Getting a drink
Each of you will receive a bathroom pass for the semester. Please keep this pass in safe place! You will have 6 opportunities to go to the bathroom or to get a drink so make sure you use them wisely. You must have this pass to leave the class. If you do not have your pass, you cannot go to the bathroom. You cannot use someone else’s pass so please do not try. You will need to write your name, the time and date on your pass and I will need to sign off on it in order for you to go to the bathroom or to get a drink. If you have not used your pass at all by the end of the semester you will get a big surprise!!
Do not ask to use the bathroom, to get a drink or go to your locker before class begins; just go before you get to class. Anyone late for any reason is late. Procedures may be changed or added by the instructor. All procedures will be thoroughly rehearsed as a class.    


    Señora Linares’s Class Policies

  A.                      Note from instructorI will lead a respectful and disciplined classroom. To achieve this I have established a few simple policies. As a student, it is your responsibility to comply with these policies. If you decide not to comply, there will be logical consequences. By enforcing these policies, I promise to you fairness and order in our classroom.      

B. Class Rules

Be good listeners Students should exhibit courtesy and respect toward all other students at all times. This includes listening when others are talking. As your teacher, I will listen when you speak and I expect that you will listen when I need to speak. Always come to class prepared to learn- This includes both materials and attitude. I can only teach those who are ready and eager to learn. Remember, you will not be allowed to return to your locker for items so make sure that you always come to class prepared.

Stay in Your Seat- Do not walk around during class unless directed to do so. Have everything you need ready before class begins.

Leave the Food at Home- Students may not eat or drink in the classroom. This includes gum and candy. Closable containers of water are permitted.

I Need to See Your Eyes- Students may not sleep in class. To prevent this, students' eyes must be open and visible to the instructor at all times. If you are having issues with this, please come and talk to me before or after school. I should not have to come and wake you up!   

Nothing Goes Airborne- Nothing will go airborne in class at any time. This includes pens, paper, and other students!

Do Not Say "Shut Up"

B.1. If YOU CHOOSE to Break a Rule:
Punishments will always fit the crime. Of course there are behaviors that will warrant an office referral immediately. Behaviors that are less severe, but in violation of the basic rules of the class will be dealt with in the manner described below.

 1st Incident -- Warning given.
2nd Incident – A ticket will be given to you with your name, date and which rule was broken.
3rd Incident-  You will be sent out of the class for disrupting classroom instruction. 4

th Incident -- Office referral and phone call home
    Warnings/Incidents carry over for the entire week.

C. Detentions
All detentions will be served on Friday. Detentions can be served before or after school. One day notice will always be given. Students receiving a detention on a Friday may serve it the following Friday if necessary.

D. Tardies and Late Arrivals
A student who is not INSIDE the classroom when the bell sounds, is considered either late or tardy. Being at the door when the bell rings does not count as being on time. A student is tardy if he/she is without a pass after the bell. A student is late if he/she arrives with a pass after the bell. Tardy and Late students need to sign-in at the tardy binder by the door, and are not to disrupt the class. Late students need to put their pass on my cart. There is no penalty for arriving late with a pass. The tardy penalty is explained below:
Definition: A student is tardy if he is not INSIDE the classroom when the bell stops ringing and does not have a pass.  Each time a student enters the classroom tardy, he or she must sign the tardy binder.

  • First Tardy -- Student receives a warning.
  • Second Tardy – Second warning is given.
  • Third tardy- According to school policy, a 30 minute detention must be served before or after school with me or in the office. If you do not show up for your detention, you will be given a one day in school detention.

Further tardies will be handled by the designated principal as indicated in the student handbook

E. Academic Honesty
It is expected that students will use genuine, sincere, and fair means for the accomplishment of the tests, tasks, or projects from which evaluations of progress shall be determined. Students found plagiarizing, copying  cheating, or using Spanish translating websites in any way will receive automatic zeros and have phone calls made to their parents. In addition, a write-up of the incident will be given to the student's counselor.

F. Attendance
Attendance is very important in my class. We do a lot of in class activities and participation is part of each student’s grade so if a student is absent he/she cannot participate. If a student has an excused absence from class he or she is responsible for the assignments/ homework that missed. The student has as many days as he or she was absent to make up the assignments. Please ask amigo/amiga about missed work, quizzes or tests. Zeros will be given if a student fails to make up work within an acceptable time frame. Unexcused absences void all make-up privileges.
Remember- Extra help is always available. Come see my smiling face before or after school in room 128J 

G. Late Work
Late homework assignments should not be given to me but turned into the “Late Work” drawer.    1. Work turned in on time --------------------------------------- Full Credit   2. Work turned in after designated due date/time---- LATE----- ½ Credit   3. Work turned in Incomplete ---------------------------------- ½ credit    4. Work NOT turned in ------------------------------------------ ZERO        – But can be made up (must be complete) for a late grade (1/2 credit)    5. Papers and projects may be turned in late with a penalty of one letter grade for each day late.    6. Copying is cheating ----------------- Zero for both students and a referral. 

H. Make-Up Tests/Quizzes
If a student has an excused absence for a test/quiz day, he/she may make it up within 2 days of their absence. Arranging a make-up requires signing in with the instructor. A missed make-up appointment without notice will result in dock of 5 points. And 5 more points will be taken off for each day the quiz/test is not taken.