All about me

La Maestra

NAME: Tamara Linares

SCHOOL: Oak Creek High School

CLASSES: Spanish 1+2



All about Senora Linares

As a child I went to the Milwaukee Spanish Immersion School in Milwaukee  where I was taught 
every subject in Spanish. That is where my love for the  Spanish language first started. I was so e
nthralled with the language and  culture that I knew I wanted to use it in my life forever. I kept t
aking  classes in Spanish in high school and then at Edgewood College in Madison,  Wi. While in college 
I studied abroad living with host families in Seville,  Spain for 4 months and I also spent two weeks in 
El Salvador. I now travel to  Mexico at least once a year to visit family. These have been the best  
experiences of my life and I highly recommend to everyone that they travel  outside of the U.S. to see 
what the world is really like.  Teaching has always been my passion in life and I am so excited to pass on my  
knowledge and love of the Spanish language with you.  When I am not at school I love to spend time outdoors 
with my daughter Sofia,  my husband Carlos and our dog, Capitan. I also love to cook, read and watch  movies.

What do you I want to accomplish in my time with you?

My mission is to open your minds and hearts to all the wonders that the  Spanish language and culture encompass.