About Mrs. Lloyd

     Hello, I would like to take an opportunity to tell you a bit about myself; afterall, I will be spending a lot of time with your children. I am native to Denver, Colorado, lived a few years in Grand Junction in the late nineties and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona for 8 years. My husband and I felt that Grand Junction was the perfect place to raise our children and made this our permanent home in December of 2008.

      I have been in education since 2002 and am dedicated to lifelong learning. My professional background includes 16 years in the beauty industry, 4 years in juvenile justice, and I feel that I have found my "purpose" in education. My bachelors degree is from Arizona State University (ASU) in Elementary Education; I am highly qualified in the area of mathematics.  I am currently pursuing my Masters Degree from Northern Arizona University (NAU) in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in Reading. 

     On the homefront, I have a wonderful family; a husband, eight boys ages 9 through 24 and my "gentle giant" Moses (our great dane). As a family we enjoy swimming, hiking, picnicing, cooking, movies, and family visits to California and Arizona. Personally, I love to fall into a good book, enjoy a variety of music, and find serenity in writing. 

     I consider my career a privilige; to be able to work with the future leaders of our country and our world. I am constantly amazed at the talent that passes through the classroom doors and appreciate all children and families who share their time with me. My personal commitment goes well beyond the mandated State Standards and scores. I hope to intrinsically motivate students to become lifelong learners themselves; to find, not only relevance, but joy in reading, writing, and thinking. I look forward to the journey that lies ahead of us all in the upcoming year and am thrilled to be part of the Clifton Elementary family.