Productivity Tools

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"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

Teacher Pay Teacher - This website has a large amount of resources that have been made by others, that can be purchased or downloaded for FREE!!!  They provide materials for all subjects and all grades.  Credits can be earned when customers review materials that have been purchased.

Grammarly - Ever have grammar questions?  This is the site for you.  Grammarly will complete a grammar check, plagiarism check, and check your spelling.  This site will even check your style and tone of what you have written.  Grammarly will help get rid of errors and provide suggestions on how to make what you have written even better!

Online Stopwatch - Teachers always need a stopwatch during class.  This site provides different types of stopwatches.  There are different themes and timers that can be used for any activity.  This is perfect for those with sensory needs or just need to know how much time is left or has gone by.

Forest App - This is an app that is available for Android or Apple devices.  It is a fun way to help students learn to be more productive.  It can also help teachers stay focused on sticking with one task at a time.  The basic concept is for an individual to spend 25 minutes on a task.  When that is complete you have "grown" a tree.  This site is also connected to Trees for the Future.  When students or teachers earn coins, they can spend them on planting an actual tree!  Check it out!!

Remind - This is an app and a website that anyone can use to communicate with parents or students.  Remind allows parents to communicate with teachers and teachers to communicate with parents.  Teachers that have more than one class can have multiple groups in Remind, so it keeps communications organized.  It allows teachers to send out large messages to more than one person also.