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OK Go Sandbox- This site contains a large amount of online resources for educators.  It has a Learning Lab that focuses on STEAM concepts.  This website uses OK Go's music videos to go along with their lessons.  Their lessons are very engaging and provides videos to help students gain Science concepts. 

Mystery Science- Mystery Science is aligned with NGSS and Common Core.  There are hands-on lessons with videos to gain the attention of students.  Many of the the lessons are STEM lessons and are great for digital learning.  The website also provides digital handouts and assessments.  

PBS Learning Media-This website provides lessons for students K-12.  Teachers can select grade, subjects, and topic to look though lessons and video to share with students.  These lessons can be shared virtually or in-person.  Teachers can also select a standard and the website will show resources and lessons that connect to the standard.  Check out this site to get a new look at Science and a new ways to get your students involved.

SciShow- This is an entire collection of YouTube videos about numerous Science topics.  There are different channels that are appropriate for diffenent grade levels and topics.  This site is easy to use and provides great resources for teachers.