Social Studies

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EdPuzzle- EdPuzzle provides collection of videos that have lessons that go along with each video.  Some of the videos have questions that go along with the videos and require the student to answer before it will go any further in the video.  The questions help the student review the material that is being covered in the video.  These lesson/videos can be assigned through the teacher's class roster and provide the teacher with a grade for that assignment.  Teachers can also create their own videos with questions to share with their students. 

The Crash Course- This website touches on numerous topics and subjects.  It focuses primarily on high school and college level classes.  The courses offer videos that are very attention grabbing and really breaks it down.  Crash Course offers different channels with downloadable videos that are also on YouTube.  The site has great graphics and even has a store where teachers or students can purchase posters or t-shirts.  Great educational site!!

Best History Sites- The developers of this site compiles a large list of websites teachers can use for Social Studies.  Teachers can search by any topic pertaining to history.  There are lesson plans and activities that go along with each lesson plan.  If you are struggling with coming up with fun activities or lessons for social studies, this is the website that you need to look at.