About Ms. Malina (Tami Retzlaff, age 8 in 1972)

Ms Malina first fell in love with band when she began playing recorder in the third grade in West Allis, Wisconsin. She was extremely awesome at the recorder, playing everything from Hot Cross Buns to The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. 

One day, a very bad thing happened. Everyone was being their usual noisy, squeeky recorder selves, so Mrs Kent (the music teacher) finally put her foot down. "The next person to make a sound on the recorder out of turn will get an "F" for the day."

Hah! No way was I going to get an "F"! I lived and breathed recorder that whole year, took it everwhere, carried it with pre-band PRIDE.

I sat a little taller in my chair. I am the QUEEN of the third grade recorder section...yup, that's me!

Then my little world came to a crashing end. I reached up to scratch my nose and accidentally made the "next sound out of turn on MY recorder" with my nose...argghh!! HORRORS! 

I sat and cried.

There is a wonderful end to this story that I will share with you next week.