Course Description

Freshmen Health

Greater Lawrence Technical School’s comprehensive program is designed to cover all major aspects of health issues which will aid high school students not only in the present day, but also provide them with information that they will take with them beyond their high school years.  The ultimate goal is to emphasize the importance of responsible decision-making to their overall wellness.  The text, Perspectives on Health, provides not only the most up-to-date information about critical health issues, but also a wealth of decision-making models for study.  Students will sharpen their judgments as they consider health issues and learn how to apply decision-making skills to their own lives.  Along with an introduction to human sexuality, this curriculum will address important subjects such as coping with pressures, smoking, dating, birth control, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, recreational drugs, depression, steroids, personal hygiene, basic first aid, responsible decision making, wellness and much more. 


Freshman Physical Education

The freshmen program will offer the fundamentals in both individual and team games, calisthenics, weight training, cardiovascular training, stretching, swimming and physical fitness testing, wellness and lifelong activities.