Coach Matthews Physical Education Classroom Page

                 “Take responsibility for your own life and your own health.                                                The healthier you live, the healthier those around you will                                        well, stay active, live a balanced life.”
​                                                  ~ Coach Matthews


                                                              What are doing in PE:

Our main focus in PE this quarter will be Fitness Testing. Each class will emphasize the importance of being physically fit and keys to having a successful fitness test.  Students will be tested in Wake County's Welnet Fitness events such as; Mile Run, Push up test, Curl up test & the V-sit and Reach test. Furthermore, students will also test and compete for a place on our school's First in Fitness team. Students wil lbe tested in the following events for First in Fitness; Mile-Run,  100 Yard Dash, Speed Jump Rope Test, Shuttle Run Test, Pull Ups  Test, and the Long Jump Test. 50+ students from grades 2nd - 5th will be sleceted to be a member of the First in Fitness Team. We are anticipating practice and conduct Fitness testing throughout the months of October & November. Please be aware of your studens PE Day to make sure that they are properly dressed for testing. 


                                                                     Shoes for PE:

Every day in physical education we stress safety.  That safety starts with you, and that is why I'm asking for your help.  Please make sure on PE days that your student is equipped with tennis shoes that will enable them to move safely in class

These shoes DO NOT  include Crocs, Sperry's, slip on shoes (ex-BOBS, Vans) thick-soled shoes, cowboy boots, fashion boots, flip-flops, dress shoes, wedge heeled shoes, sandals, shoes with small straps on top that leave the top of the foot exposed, open toed/open heeled shoes, or heelies . 

FASHION BOOTS, COWBOY BOOTS, SNOW BOOTS ---Some boots, such as cowboy boots and girls fashion boots, can cause safety issues in physical education.  Most of these have very little traction and can cause a very slippery outcome on our tile floor.  Some fashion boots have a wedge heel, which can cause the ankle to turn when doing various activities (jogging, jumping, etc.).  Be mindful of this when sending your student on physical education days and please send tennis shoes with your student to change into. Hiking boots are fine, as well are snow boots that have a tennis shoe type sole.


                                                           "Active Children Are Influenced By Active Parents"

                                 5 Tips for Family Fitness Fun by NASPE:

                                                                 · Wear loose fitting clothing to permit freedom of movement and the proper shoes.

                                                                 · Buy toys or equipment that promote physical activity

                                                                 · Parents can use physical activity rather than food or money as a reward.

                                                                 · Emphasize the importance of having fun and learning.

                                                                 · Rake a pile of leaves and jump in them.



                                  Information & Important Dates:


First in Fitness 2017


What Is First In Fitness?

“First in Fitness” was established by a former elementary physical education teacher, Ben Tench, and is one of the oldest on-going physical fitness events in the country. Over 50 elementary schools and 20 middle schools will be sending teams of students to compete in a variety of fitness events including the mile run, pull-ups, one-minute jump rope, shuttle run, long jump, 100-yard dash, a modified triathlon, and other track and field events.

During the first semester, students will qualify for the First in Fitness squad. Students will be selected based on Wake County’s Fitness Testing scores, First in Fitness event testing, and school behavior. There will be only one male and one female selected from each grade for each event. Students are not allowed to participate in more than one event. However, students can but are not required to try out for multiple events.

Not all students will be able to participate in the First in Fitness competition, but all students will be given an opportunity to make the First in Fitness squad. All events are open for try outs. Once selected, students will be notified and given more information on First in Fitness participation.

The Northern Area is for students in Grades 2-5.  We will bring 1 boy and 1 girl per grade for each event.  The triathlon is only for 5th graders and once again it is 1 boy and 1 girl. 
            For example:  Shuttle Run

            1 boy and 1 girl in 2nd grade

1 boy and 1 girl in 3rd grade

            1 boy and 1 girl in 4th grade

            1 boy and 1 girl in 5th grade

This means a total of 8 students for the Shuttle Run from NFP. This is the same for all events except for the Triathlon where it is 1 boy and 1 girl only from 5th grade.  ***This means we will bring a MAX of 50 students from NFP.***


***Parent coaches will be needed. If you think you may be interested in coaching an event for First in Fitness please make sure you are registered with Wake County Public Schools Volunteer System. Further information about parent coaches will be provided at a later date.***

Location: Southeast Raleigh High School
If you have any questions regarding the North Forest Pines Elementary School first in fitness team, please contact Coach Matthews (


Field Day 2018


                 Tracks 2 & 4                         Tracks 1 & 3

                                                              May 1                                                               May 18  

                               Rain date: May 9                                              Rain date: May 25