Morning Routine:


Come in and find your seat quietly.


Unpack all needed supplies.


Turn in any notes from parents.


Turn in homework folder and planner.


Eat breakfast in the cafeteria.


Use the restroom before the bell rings.


Complete the morning work.





Restroom Routine:


I will give students several times to use the bathroom throughout the day.


 If it is an emergency, students may raise their hand using the sign language for letter R.







Afternoon Routine:



We will go over the HW for the night as students pull out needed supplies.


I will call students back to get their planner and folders.


Students will color in the appropriate color for their behavior chart.


Students may pack up once I have stopped by their desk.


We will then review important objectives taught that day.








*Picking up your child earlier than 3:30 is strongly discouraged.  If you will be picking your child up early, please notify me when possible so that we may prepare.