Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade

Students are building an Ancient Egyptian Timeline using PowerPoint. Sixth graders are researching events of Ancient Egypt, building a timeline of those events, and using a macro to show the relationship of the event and it's location on an interactive map. Students are thoroughly researching each event, creatively designing a detailed event slide for each event and linking that event slide from an interactive map of Ancient Egypt. Can you only imagine?????
Odyssey:  Basic Skills correlated with class and/or individual weaknesses on the WESTEST 2. 

This is a Project Based Learning (PBL) activity the sixth graders have started. They work in groups of three or four. Each group has a Team Name for eCybermission. Teams will select a problem that effects our community related to one of four Mission Challenges:

Scenario Challenge (a given scenario)
Health and Safety
Sports and Recreation
    Step1   Select one of the Mission Challenges 
Step 2

Identify a specific community problem your team can address

Step 3

Apply science, math and technology to come up with a solution

 eCYBERMISSION challenges students to explore how science, math and technology work in our world.