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Dear Parents/Guardians:      

    Welcome to a brand new school year! My name is Tania Burton and I will be your child’s teacher this year. I am extremely excited to enjoy this year with my first class. I was born and raised in Plains and attended Wilkes- Barre Area schools and I graduated from Coughlin High School in 2004. I got my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Educational Technology from Bloomsburg University.

           I look forward to a wonderful school year and will do my best to accommodate every student. We will have a very busy school year, and I will communicate with you as much as possible on the happenings of our class. Please take time if you have a computer available to check out this page to stay up to date with our class happenings.     

      Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have just recently obtained my classroom. I am trying my best to get as much information home to you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or contact me:  Phone: 570-826-7222


Absence Policy

Planned absences: In the event that you know that your student will be out of school for any length of time, I request that you inform me in writing as soon as you know of the date(s). This will make it easier for me to gather assignments for the student to work on while he/she is absent from class.  

Examples of planned absences: Doctor's appointments, Vacation, Funeral

Unexpected absences: In the event that your child becomes injured or too ill to attend school, or another family emergency arises unexpectedly, please let the school and myself know as soon as possible.  WBASD does request that when your child returns to school, you send a written note explaining the circumstances of his/her absence. If the absence is longer than 3 school days a doctor's note is required. 


Will under no circumstances be tolerated!

Dress Code

Please adhere to the dress code adopted by the school district. This dress code will be enforced.

 I do ask however that you please dress your child appropriately for outdoor activities. If it is cold outside please make sure they come to school with a warm jacket, gloves and a hat, sometimes we are outside for 15-20 minutes at a time. I do not wish to see your child or any child get sick because of lack of warm clothes. Also no footwear that would not be appropriate for outdoor activities. 

Personal Items

Please do not send anything to school with your child that is of importance that may get lost or stolen.

(Examples: mp3 players, cell phones (unless given consent by building principal), toys)

I have a job to do, and am sorry but I cannot police every child’s personal items. 

Other Issues

During the course of the school year, sometimes issues may arise. Please feel free to contact me about anything. I am here to have a safe, educating and comfortable environment for every student. Sometimes things do get past me that I do not notice, but please keep in mind I have a class of 20+ students. I cannot be everywhere at the same time. So please work with me and keep the lines of communication open. Thank You!