Formal Lab Report Guidelines

Lab Report Format 
Use the following format when writing a lab report. It should look like the following outline. 
Additional notes before you begin: 
☺     Do not use pronouns until the conclusion. (I, you, he, it, etc.) 
☺     Use correct spelling and grammar 
☺     Your report must be neat


I.    State the problem: (It must be a question that is testable and measureable.) 
II.    Research: (State prior knowledge and observations you make.)
III.    Hypothesis: (Write hypothesis as: If ..., then…because without pronouns)
IV.    Experiment: 
           A. Variables:
                  1.  independent variable—(“I change”)  what is tested
                  2.  dependent variable—How measure
                  3.  control group—test without independent variable (comparison)
                  4.  constant—factors that remain same throughout test
           B. Materials:
                  1. List all items separately with amounts included. 
                  2. Etc. 
           C. Procedure: (Step-by-step instructions)
                  1. Do not leave anything out. 
                  2. Someone else must be able to duplicate your experiment. 
            D. Data: Use graphs, charts, data tables, pictures, etc. showing what occurred on trials and state observations.  

            E. Results: Summarize your data giving numerical evidence-stating the final outcome 
V.    Conclusion: (State whether or not the hypothesis is supported and any other pertinent information about the problem you are solving.  This is  where you get to discuss the how, why, when, where, and what of your discoveries.   Including the following:
            A.   Restate your hypothesis. 
            B.   Restate your results. 
            C.   State whether your hypothesis was supported or not and justify. 
            D.   Give ways to improve the experiment and suggestions for additional studies.   What you learned.
            E.     Possible errors that may have affected results