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All About Me:

Welcome! My name is Theresa Curcio.  I am a first year first grade teacher who loves children and helping them learn and grow.  I graduated from the Richard Stockton College of NJ with a B.S. in biochemistry.  I received my teaching certificate from the EPI program at HCC.  I always loved being around children and to share my knowledge with them is what I love most about teaching.  Students in my class will have fun while they are learning to grow smarter.

Class Schedule

8:00-8:15 -Bell work       

                              8:15-8:35-Calender Math

8:35-9:05-Special Class





12:40-1:00-Teacher P.E.


Classroom Rules and Procedure

1. Every morning, students will come into the classoroom and put their jackets and backpacks away.  During the morning before the Calender Math begins, the assignments given the night before and agenda book will be checked to make sure the assignment is complete and the agenda book is signed by parents. 

2. Students will raise hand before being called out and speak in an inside voice.  

3. Students will respect the teacher, their fellow classmates and themselves.

4.  Students will learn everyday and have fun while learning.


Classroom Assignment

First assignment of the year: To learn more about your fellow peers and yourself.  On a piece of paper, write down the following information: Name, Age, Birthday, Favorite Color, Favorite Animal, Favorite activity, Favorite thing about school and what your favorite activity is outside of school.


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