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Thank you for visiting my website!  This website is the place for all the information you will need about what your student is doing in my class.

English Language Arts is an integration of reading, writing, speaking, and listening based on the Common Core State Standards ( delivered in a way that fosters critical thinking and meets the needs of the middle school child and the 21st Century learner.

During this school year, students will be:


  • Students will read, write, and discuss engaging and rigorous literary and informational texts
  • Students will write in a range of genres including text-based explanations and arguments
  • Students will develop skills for real-world reading, writing, and discussing
  • Students will engage in small and whole group text-based discussions


  • Students will, while using a variety of mentor texts, learn sound sentence, paragraph and essay structures
  • Students will learn the 3 "buckets" of writing
    • Writing to inform
    • Writing to argue/persuade
    • Writing to tell a story or narrative
  • Students will have more emphasis on non-fiction reading and writing across all content areas


  • Homework
    • Will be posted on this website with due dates
    • Will not have homework every night, vacations or weekends
  • Late work is accepted with no penalty but must have a parent signature on the top of the assignment
  • Reading & Writing
    • Most of this work will be done in class as individual and group work
  • Submission of work will be via GoogleDocs and Google Classroom unless otherwise stated.


  • Practice and Participation
    • Work towards competency of targets
    • Homework and classwork
    • Individual and group work
  • Formative Assessments
    • Self-monitoring of progress:  "Where are you now?"
    • Data gathered will determine next steps for student and for teacher
    • Personal and academic goal setting
  • Summative Assessments
    • Assignments and assessments designed to measure the competency of targets that will be graded