About Me

Hi, my name is Taylor Morrison, and I am the President, and Special Ed Specialist for Learning Is The Way. My passion is working with kids; I want to do anything to make a difference in the education and child care world. When it comes to my administration style, I am determined, firm, caring, kind to my staff members. This is not my first job working with kids. I have been working with kids for six years, these past six years have been great, and I am looking forward to my future as an educator. I have worked in both child care and educational settings. Here is my past:

  1. YMCA (LIT) - I started working with kids at the YMCA at La Jolla and Pacific Beach in San Diego, California. My job title was LIT (Leader In Training). I was an intern-level camp counselor. During the two years I worked there, I loved and led my children proudly to fun and safe activities, programs, and field trips. I mainly worked at the Pacific Beach office, but I started at the La Jolla office for two weeks each year. 
  2. Ribbit Tutoring (CEO) - I made a big jump from being an intern camp counselor to creating and running a successful nonprofit education management company. Ribbit Tutoring assisted students K through 12th grade complete their homework and unfinished classwork, ensuring that all of our students came out with passing grades. All of our students got B's and A's on all of their assignments with our staff's assistance. We had multiple other programs, including a summer camp.
  3. ESS Poway Unified School District (HS Aide) - ESS stands for Extended Student Services; this is an elementary school after-school program. I worked at one of Poway Unified School District's schools named Turtle Back Elementary. My job responsibilities made me assist students with their homework and unfinished classwork. Playing with them during recess time and extracurricular or playtime with the toys we had and other supplies for art and science projects. I would also assist administrator staff within the ESS program, mainly administrators at the site I worked at - Turtle Back Elementary.
  4. Learning Is The Way (President & Special Ed Specialist) - Once again created another company, along with two other close friends of mine, Jack Weinberg and Dhruv Kumar, who are currently titled as high-level administrators. One of the main reasons I am super excited about this company is that I've created a Special Ed Department under state SELPA regulations that I am proud to lead. Allison Education has licensed me in Working with Special Ed and Disabled Children in educational and child care settings.

Another job will land there soon; everyone is going to have to wait, it's a surprise :) Aside from that, I am happy and excited to continue to lead along with my team this excellent corporation, helping as many kids as we can.


Were going to make every day a learning day!


Taylor Morrison - President and Special Ed Specialist