Unit 23: Our Place in the Universe                                                                                                       


In our first quarter MySci Unit, Our Place in the Universe, students will explore our solar system and discover how various parts work together to create patterns we can observe on Earth.  They will also discover how gravity affects Earth and other objects in our solar system. Then, students will explore how movements of the Earth make day and night, a year, and changes in length and direction of shadows. Students will create sundials to show these patterns. Next, students will explore moon phases and the seasonal appearance of some stars in the night sky. Students make several models of these observations in order to learn all about our place in the universe. 


The students will complete their assignments in their student journals on Google Classroom. To check your child's assignments and grades, you can access Google Classroom from home (or anywhere)! To login, go to and click on sign in. Your child's login will be their student ID and password HSDbirthday (unless your child changed it). For example, login: 123456 and password: HSD010219. Please contact me if you are having trouble loggin in to Google Classroom. I will tend to update grades weekly, depending on the length of the lesson.