Story project:



Go to : (


1. View the posters . Each member of the team will design a poster for your story using one of the applications discussed over the next few days.  (Print this for your final project.)


2. On the same site, go to “download genre definition chart” –Each member will need a copy of this chart as a study guide and to include in final project.


3.After you decide on the genre, you will brainstorm with your team on the plot. (


4. Each member will need to print a copy of the following, complete them, and include them in your final project.

     Under “Story Elements Plot make a copy of each graphic organizer:

  a. Plot sheet and conflict list

  b. Problem solution and diagram

  c. Sequence of Events

  d. Story map


4. Each member of your team will create a character in the story. This character must contribute dialogue and substance to the plot.

    Under  “Story Elements: Character Analysis and Setting” make a copy of the following graphic organizers: Each will need to be completed and included in the final project.

a.    Character Sheets & Traits List

b.    Character Comparison Sheet


 All the elements will be discussed in class!


After you have discussed genre, plot, and characters, each member will begin to animate the story in Go Animate. http://goanimate4schools/school/imaginetech 

We will take a look at this software in class & I will provide usernames & passwords.


5. Each member will present their original animation in class. Obviously, they will not look alike, but the plots and characters should be recognized as team generated.





Genre Definition Chart

Story Elements Plot Graphic Organizers

Story Elements Character Analysis and Setting Graphic Organizers

GoAnimation  Video ( There is no time limit, but story should have all the  plot elements we will discuss in class.)


August 11th Friday Tech classes:

Your Friday Assignment:


Title your page like the following example:

Jane Doe (Your first & last name)

Mrs. Murphy


11 August 2013

                                                                 My First Week of School

                                                           (body of narrative is double-spaced)



Questions you should ask yourself before you begin writing:

What was the most interesting activity I did during the week?

Did I make new friends?

What did I learn during the week?

Is there anything new or different at school this year?

If you are a new student, what is your impression of I