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Miss Katie and the
Hopeful Hummingbirds 
Please bring any empty milk jugs so we can make our Easter craft! 
We will be learning about the true meaning of Easter along with many Easter games, songs, and crafts! 
Our Bible story of the week is "The Great Escape" and the "Holy Thursday Story". 
Don't forget we are closed Friday! 
Don't forget Holy Thursday evening service at 7pm.There will be no child care provided for this service.
For Parents: On Friday at 2 pm there is a quiet Good Friday Service. 
Saturday is the annual Easter egg hunt at 10:30am! 
Sunday, HCMC will celebrate Easter service at 10:30am! There is child care provided! 
We will be spending a lot of time outside so be prepared for lots of fun excersise and dress appropriately! 
Children from23 to 37 months will be able to say 50 words! Encourage them and use vocabulary that they can learn! 
  • Easter is about JESUS! Jesus died on a TREE, so you and me can go to HEAVEN.Your kids know this!