2nd recruitment meeting of the year

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Recruitment Committee summary

                     October 29, 2018

       2nd meeting of the year


  • Our meeting started with a discussion on current Open House’s that took place at sites.

” How did things go? And how things did not go?”

We brainstormed what could be beneficial in the future for a successful Open House;

          • One thing mentioned was the amount of time staff had to advertise or to get the word out about these Open Houses.
          • A few suggestions were brought up such as;
  1. A free event, where staff can arrange an event where families can be invited to attend at a designated spot and perhaps a raffle will be announced prior to encourage families to bring a contact with them.
  2. Advertisement through the web, is an important part of getting our program out there to families.







These are some of the links that staff and communications team might consider.

*staff can subscribe (for Free) to these websites and they will get notifications through email on all the family events in their communities.

*Most importantly, Options for Learning State Preschool can be mentioned on these websites



                • Recruitment ideas mentioned were as followed;
  1. Recruiting at schools that do not have the blue bungalows at their locations, because they families may not any idea about the program we offer.

*such areas that do not have subsidized programs are Glendora, Diamond Bar and Chino Hills

2.Changing the banner, since our banners do not specify State preschool. We (staff) can consider making our own signs. Such as yard signs, displayed anywhere that families will be and viewed. Having State preschool number displayed nice and big.

3. Twilight classes could advertise the sites hours, so families could be informed of the time frame and perhaps these hours would be helpful to them. Displayed at sport parks and sporting events.


Something that we mentioned and feel that be effective is a Holiday Event to families where fun activities are arranged and Santa Claus will attend and be available for photos. Families will be encouraged to bring potential children to our program. A date and location have not been set.


At the next in-

service, we will be addressing all these ideas to other staff and asking for their input and suggestions and we are planning on brainstorming further any new ideas and bringing forward samples of signs we mentioned for staff to get a visual of variety of signs that staff can make.





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