Mixed Media for a Fixed Forum

Wink Humor me a bit, brainiacs. What's a more simple "road map" than below?  

1. Students write a transcript of the dialogue they had in the task.
The point of this is for students to be able to analyze the English that they used in the task.

2. The pairs make groups of 4 and each pair reenacts their dialogue. The pair that is listening is supposed to write down useful words and phrases.
The point of this was for students to hear the phrases their classmates had used for the task and learn about the variety of language that could be used.

1. The teachers call on various students to perform their dialogue in front of the class.

Post Task (Language Focus)

1. The teachers give students a constructive and then graded feedback on the reports.
2. Students write a self evaluation or evaluation of a co-learner. Also evaluate the lesson's application or usefulness.

I always get a blast with comments like "The lesson increased my exchange of words. Some new, some very very old. 555"

Even remarks like "Tommy spoke fast in giving instructions..." keep us on our toes always. Love it.