No Man's Sky Switch Version Won't Have Multiplayer at Launch

No Man's Sky is often touted as one of the greatest redemption arcs in gaming history. Initially, while Hello Games had promised much with its space-faring survival title, it had neglected to follow through on almost every last bit of it, causing a significant backlash from the computer game community. Fans were infuriated when No Man's Sky first dropped back in 2016. In any case, soon after, the developers have added consistent free updates, expanding on the game and bringing multiple versions of No Man's Sky to the Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

The latest console to get a No Man's Sky port is the Nintendo Switch. To have a vast, explorative involvement with the handheld design of the Switch is something that Hello Games' Sean Murray says "feels both completely natural and also totally impossible at the same time." To have a game as large as No Man's Sky work on a console less strong than a PS4 is no mean feat, especially with every one of the previous updates for the game coming to the new version as well.

In any case, something that will notably be missing from No Man's Sky on the Switch is multiplayer. Introduced back in 2018, multiplayer was something that had at first been promised to be part of the No Man's Sky insight, but was absent in the aforementioned inadequately got launch. This means that No Man's Sky on Switch will be a single-player experience, but for any worried that this situation is a reverberation of the game's unique launch, all significant updates to the survival title will be included the port when it drops in October.

There is also the possibility that multiplayer could come to the Switch port of No Man's Sky later in the distance, as Hello Games has stated that it will continue to give updates and expand on the game following release. There's no official word on when or on the other hand if multiplayer will show up, but regardless of whether it feature in the Switch port of No Man's Sky, there are still plenty of things for players to do. From making outsider allies to combating pirate invasions in the recent Outlaws update for No Man's Sky, it is far-fetched a player faring the universe alone will be exhausted immediately.

Alongside the release of the Nintendo Switch port of No Man's Sky, a physical PS5 release of the game will drop on the same date. This will be the first time since 2019 that a player will actually want to purchase a duplicate of No Man's Sky at a physical retailer. Also, when Sony's PS VR2 releases, No Man's Sky will be available on that platform as well, showing that even six years after release the game is still in demand.