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In this day of fake news and manipulated marketing, is it really possible to believe any of the reviews you read when making a decision of where to shop or where to Play Casino Games? Literally every industry has been tainted by fake reviews, and now you are reluctant to believe just about anything you read. Actually, there are certain key indicators you should beware of, and fact-checking sites that you can rely on. Let’s take a look at how to spot fake reviews and how they came about in the first place.

Blame The Google God Of Search
One thing you might want to understand is how you found those reviews in the first place. Google has set search parameters based on how people search - the keywords they use. When it comes to reviews, those search terms (keywords) play an integral role. One thing you can do to spot fake reviews is take a quick look through several of them. Do you spot key terms that are repeated often in review after review? This is a Good Indication that professional content writers were employed to write those reviews based on keywords and Google’s algorithms. Keywords in content should raise a red flag!

Browse A Third-Party Fact Checker
For the past several years, many controversies have arisen based on what is being called “fake news”. This is especially prevalent in politics, but you will find it in gaming and business as well. You have read the reviews and no keywords popped out at you immediately, but that can simply be chalked up to great content writing. So, what do you do? Here is where a third-party fact checker comes in handy.

When it’s news related, many people turn to Snopes. However, what can you do when you are trying to determine the truth in casino reviews? Actually, there is a solution to that as well! they check the facts and then report what they’ve found. To see a case of what they found when ‘investigating’ casino reviews, check out what they have to say about Top Online Casino Singapore . It’s an eye-opening read for sure!

Validate Those Big Winners Announced On Site
If you are wondering whether or not those players announced as winning millions are authentic real people, there are industry ‘news’ sites online you can check. These would be most likely to announce big winners from around the globe. One site to check might be the AskGamblers website in the big-win area. If they have published a big winner, you can probably assume they’ve checked the facts and it was a real win.

Remember, it is your money you are playing with, and you have every right to check the validity of any claims being made and any reviews that sound too good to be true. The best advice you can be given is to take the time to do a bit of your own ‘fact checking’ so that you are comfortable before joining a New Casino and laying your money on the table.