Our Daliy Behavior Track

On Track with Mickey


In my classroom the children make strides both socially and academically throughout the year. In order to have children reach their maximum potential, there must be routines and procedures set up in the classroom. From the very first day children will learn routines and procedures that will make their transitions much easier from grade to grade. I want to instill a love of learning as well as structure within my classroom. The behavior management system “On track with Mickey” is set up with clip system that allows them to move their “Mickey Car” up and down on a visual ladder throughout the day! All student begin on "We are ready to learn" and throughout the day the children have the opportunity to move their “mickey car”. There are three chances to move up on the behavior ladder for outstanding behavior and three chance to move down on the behavior ladder.

Students must follow all the “Classroom Rules” posted in the front of the classroom each day. The students enjoy moving their “Mickey Cars on the track”. The children stay on "On Track with Good Behavior with Mickey" throughout the day. If there is a rule broken a caution flag is waved, a stop in the pits for tune up, or pull into the garage for a break! The children find this system fun and easy to follow.



Mrs. Kannaday