About Me

This is my first year teaching, but I am a graduate of Pace University. I graduated with my Bachelors, My Masters degree and I am currently working on a Doctorate degree in Education. Teaching is something I have always looked forward to doing, and I hope that I get to know each and everyone of you, and your parents. As a teacher, I hope to serve all students of all different backgrounds, races, ages and religions because I believe all students should and can learn.My hope is to create the kind of classroom where my students are motivated so they know they are doing this for a reason,  that they learn morals, and they can understand the importance of being in my class, and how that affects their future. I hope to relate to my students in a way that they can know that I understand what they are going through, and I can help them to succeed. I know from my experience, the things that would cause me to say that I received an equitable education would be the extra time my teachers spent to work with me, the hard working mentality they helped me to develop, and the sense of direction I should want for my life. As my teachers they helped me in many areas. They ensured that they fulfilled their duties as one of my primary caretakers as I intend to do.