Critical Reading Response (CRR)

AP Language & Composition students are required to complete a "Critical Reading Response" (CRR) for each piece of text read throughout the year.  The purpose of completing CRR's is to help students develop their skills in paraphrasing, summarizing, and analyzing text from both a literary analysis perspective (e.g., character development, cultural and historical context, plot, theme etc.) and a language perspective (e.g., syntax, voice, figurative language etc.).  Students will also identify unfamiliar vocabulary.

Format for CRR Below

Critical Reading Response (MLA -Writers Inc. Format)


Class & Period


Reading Response #______ 

I. Author/Introduction

Biographical Information—Describe Significant Information

II. Vocabulary

Vocabulary Development—Define

III. Explication—Summary/Paraphrase

Prose—A Paragraph 8-12 Sentences


IV. Literary Analysis

Discuss salient aspects of the text

V. Language Analysis

Explain identified literary terms and give examples

VI. Critique

This is a personal analysis of the selection. Focus on a particular aspect of the selection and write a coherent paragraph using an idea, a line or a phrase from the work to support.

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