Students are exposed to new words and terms on a daily basis in their everyday lives.  In order to help them have a better understanding when reading both in Language Arts as well as in their other core subjects, we use Sadlier's Vocabulary Workshop books to present new, age-appropriate words and definitions.  Each student is issued a consumable workbook.  

**Homework is due every other Monday.  

**Tests on 10 of the 20 words (odd numbers first, followed by even numbers) for each unit are scheduled every week: Tuesday for 8th Grade, Wednesday for 7th Grade, and Thursday for 6th Grade.

**The app Quizlet already has the words and definitions loaded for each unit.  Students may use this tool to study for their tests.

**EXTRA CREDIT - Any student who is not satisfied with his/her test grade may complete the following assignment for extra credit: Write a grade-level sentence for each vocabulary word on the test.  Successful sentences will receive one point additional to the student's test grade.  All ten sentences must be attempted in order to receive any credit.  The extra credit is due no later than one week following the return of the original graded vocabulary test.