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Tips on Choosing a Nurse Call System


When it comes to choosing a nurse call system for your healthcare facility, you need to go all out. You cannot just go with the first one that you see unless it is a Rauland responder 3. There are important factors that you should look for before settling for any of the nurse call systems. The best nurse system will ensure that you achieve your goals. Here are a few things to look for.

Needs and budget

The best nurse call system improves workflow in any organization. The nurse call system depends on patient demographics, facility size, location, and departmental needs. The nurse call system will be used in the IT department, radiology, and environmental services and clinical. Thus, it is important to know the needs of all the teams that will use the call system. Knowing your budget is essential when buying the call system. You should include the maintenance of the call system in your budget.


Goal and objectives

Your goals and objectives also determine the call system to buy. You need to identify the objectives that the system will address. A call system should support staff and patient satisfaction. You can come with key performance indicators that help monitor your return on investment. In case you do not meet your goals even after the key performance indicators, you need to do an adjustment of the quality improvement strategy. In doing so, you will be able to get significant results.


It is vital to check for the compatibility of the system. Look for a call system that will not use up a lot of time and money to maintain. Thus, you get cost-efficient equipment. The system should make it easy to assimilate with the existing infrastructure. It should work seamlessly with wireless phones, EMRs, telemetry, and cardiac monitoring. It should enhance communication between patients and staff.

Ease of training staff

It will not be possible to use the system if the staff does not know how to use it. Thus, one of the things you need to consider when buying one is the ease of training staff. The staff should fully understand how to use the call system. You should not have any problem giving upfront training, and follow-up assessments. When choosing a system based on the ease of training you need to look for one that facilitates a needs assessment, supports initial system launch and establishes a post system assessment.


Reviews are important when you want to choose the best system. Check the customer testimonials, case studies, peer recommendations, and trade show all these will help you decide on an appropriate call system. When you find a call system with several negative reviews, then you should consider another option.

Choosing a rauland responder 3 system is does not have to be stressful. When you follow the above tips, you will no doubt get something that suits your healthcare facility. The best one will enable your organization to become more productive and you will achieve your return on investment.