Kindergarten Information

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Purple Folders- These folders will come home everyday! This is a great way to communicate with each other so check them each day. The folders will habe their daily work and all other important information. We will check these each morning for any notes from parents. Please send the purple folder back to school each day.

School will begin at 8:15. The late bell will ring at 8:20. If your child arrives at school after this time they will need to check in at the office.

Please send a note explaining a child's absence as we will consider it unexcused without a note.

Lunch money needs to be in an envelope with the following written on it:(Child's Name,Teacher's Name,Grade,Amount)

Snack Money(Pouch will be sent home when your child needs money) 75 cents a day.

You may celebrate your child's birthday at school with a snack.(No gifts)

Put name in all belongings.

Send an extra set of clothes in your child's backpack.

Check for head lice weekly. Let us know if your child gets lice and we will check the entire class. 

D'Nealian Handwriting is used at the Union County Primary. A list of the letters and numbers are in your packet.

Medication:  An adult should bring medication into the nurse each morning and pick it up in the afternoon. It can not be sent home on the bus.

Keep all toys at home.

  Students who ride a bus in the afternoon will be assigned to one bus that is rode the majority of the week.  If a child should need to ride a different bus the parent will send a written note with the appropriate information on it (see handbook: Transportation Messages).  The office will then issue a change note and the teacher will pick that up in the front office.  The classroom teacher cannot take a verbal change from a parent.  All changes need to be in writing and brought to the front office.  If you should want to make a  verbal change please go to the front office.  All changes by the parent must be made by 1:00pm.  

You are welcome to come eat lunch with your child.

Book It: Read 8-10 books a month to your child or with your child, write them on the monthly form that is sent home, return it to school and I will send them a Pizza Hut ticket for a free personal pan pizza. This begins in October and ends in March.

Field Trips will be announced, but please send the permission slip back signed as soon as possible.

Please save box tops for education and Cambells soup labels. The school earns money for each one that is turned in.