tpcs theater 





1. CALENDAR UPDATED through March 10th! More information coming this week regarding the final week rehearsal details and show call times. 


2. Ticket pickup begins February 24th after rehearsal at the Door 1 entry.  You may pick up in the main office or after rehearsal anytime.


3. Please send your student with quiet work, snack, and water bottle to every rehearsal.  We are rounding the corner to the finish and there may be rehearsals that have some more down time for students than they are used to.


Check your email for our Wonka Wednsday Announcements!  



Remember a snack and water bottle!

**Students will be picked up and dropped off to after care as needed.  If students are not picked up within 5 minutes of the end of rehearsal, they will be taken to aftercare.  Please pick up your student from aftercare if arriving 5 minutes or more past the end of rehearsal time.**

WE WILL ESCORT THEM TO THE FRONT DOOR (DOOR 1) as this will keep them in the front warm lobby as they watch for you and or your car :) 




DINNER THEATER STYLE Performance dates: 

March 11th, 12th, and 13th of 2021



Costs for being in the musical will be $125. 

If you provide a (director approved) child’s costume, $115. 

One T-SHIRT is included, but if you want an additional Willy Wonka shirt, add an additional $20. 


Rehearsals are not opened to parents!

We want you to be surprised and not "see the magic" behind the scenes.

Please know we appreciate your support!

Please note - there should be NO VIDEOS taken during rehearsal. 

There are copywrite rules, photo release rules.


Attendance Policy 

Attendance Policy for the TPCS Musicals are mandatory. A grace period of 2 missed rehearsals is allowed for emergencies and sickness. After 2 missed rehearsals, the directors reserve the right to assign the student’s character part to another student. Tardiness is defined as being 10 minutes late for the scheduled rehearsal time and 2 times being tardy counts as one missed rehearsal. Below parents are asked to report any conflicts their student has with the rehearsal schedule, and those conflicts are considered excused. These conflicts are considered in the casting process by the directors.  The “free days” listed on the calendar are used on an as needed basis. Be mindful that some of those “free days” might be for individuals to get specific work done not previously recorded on the other days. During TECH week - there are no unexcused absences allowed during TECH week. (exceptions for this are to be discussed with Mrs. Smith)


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