Monday:  Read: The Pony Express pp.322-337.

                 Do math sheet (attached).


Name: ___________________________



Tuesday  is Early Release Day!  1:15    

Tuesday:  Put spelling and vocabulary words in ABC order.

                  (one list)                                         



Wednesday:  Write a sentence with each spelling and

                        vocabulary word.

Grammar: Past Tense Verbs   (review class work)               
Vocabulary and Grammar Tests Tomorrow

Thursday:  Write spelling and vocabulary words 3x each.

    Spelling and Story Comprehension Tests Tomorrow






Essential Questions: Look at what we are learning this  

                                     week!  Ask your child:

Reading:  What are Synonyms?

Grammar:  How do you make verbs past tense?

Math:  How do shapes change when you take them apart?

Science:  How does weather effect where we live?


          Spelling Words

 1.  leather     

 6.  ready

 2.  bread

 7.  meant

 3.  weather

 8.  feather

 4.  spread

 9.  instead

 5.  breakfast

10.  meadow

Vocabulary Words

1.  arrive

2.  early

3.  finish

4.  record

5.  success

6.  rush